Queen of the Ring

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Queen of the Ring

Post by Vandarius on Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:25 pm

RED: Needs to be finished/taken as assignment
GREEN: Finished
INDIGO: Assigned/Being Worked on

First Round Match Up
April Snow VS Eden Sky
W: Eden  (Van)

First Round Match Up
Emma Sage VS Te'Yanna
W:Te'Yanna (Grind; Offered to help)

First Round Match Up
Lilith VS Sasha Panzer
W: Sasha (Tommy)

First Round Match Up
Rain VS Skyler Knox
W: Rain (Tai)

Eden vs Rain
W: Eden (Van)

Te'Yanna vs Sasha
W Te'Yanna (THBK)

Te'Yanna vs Eden
W: Te'Yanna (THBK)

PWR Woman's Championship
Akira vs Juno
W: Juno (Van, Will be standard match, not BTB)


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