Shit needed for show 3

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Shit needed for show 3

Post by Vandarius on Tue May 24, 2016 7:24 pm


Doom talks about Graves being a coward. Says he had to sneak attack him to do damage. Graves responds, says he only returned favor. Challenges Doom to Hardcore match at PPV. Doom accepts.


Tommy/THK Feud

TT promo backstage but before he can start, THK blindsides TT. The two brawl backstage until they are pulled apart.


Angelo/Washington/Pamich Feud

Angelo promo, says Washington cheated to win, doesnt deserve title shot. Washington responds, said he just gave hima taste of his own medicene. Dave Ryan comes out, says any interference will result in a removal from match (If Empire interferes, Washington will be ejected, if Amanda interferes, Angelo will be ejected)



WF/Hawk MIA ... Need something for Torture


KJ/N Feud

KJ Promo explaining his attack on N. Announce Match against N at Day of Reckoning.


Shaz Promo: Call out person who attacked Jman. No one answers. issue challenge at Day of Reckoning.


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