Disorder episode 22

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Disorder episode 22

Post by Tommy Thunder on Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:32 pm

1) Dave Ryan opens the show with Oscar Layman at his side. Ryan says that Nolan Swisher has quit the company. This was very unexpected since Washington was regarded as one of the top talents in the company. This now leaves a big hole in the big main event for Depths of Hell. However, he's been working hard to find a replacement and he has the perfect candidate.

The Hardcore King comes out and speaks from the top of the ramp. He halts proceedings since he knows what Ryan's about to do. He knows that he's about to put Tommy Thunder into the main event. But he's not going to stand by while this happens. He's beaten Thunder inside Hell in a Cell, and Thunder has lost every damn match he's been in for weeks on end. In fact, he can't even remember the last time Thunder won anything and the hell in a cell match at Day of Reckoning should live up to the ppv name and be Thunder's day of reckoning. He should just fade away and retire.

Ryan says that he hears what King is saying and he actually agrees. Ryan knows of all the rumors that have been doing the rounds and Thunder will be out here later tonight to address the rumors himself. But he wasn't who Ryan had in mind. We'll find out who N's replacement will be in tonight's main event where King will be teaming with Mr Torture to take on Israel Pamich and N's replacement. He has booked King in a match later tonight though, so he should probably head back to get ready for that.
King leaves but Ryan continues. He wants to get back to another important piece of business, and that's the demise of Usain Kingston. Mr Layman is here tonight and he has a special match to open up tonight's show. N may be gone, but The World Class Club are still here, and Usain Kingston will be taking them on tonight in a 2 on 1 handicap match, with Layman as the special guest referee. The only way to ensure a fair fight Wink


2) 2 on 1 handicap mtch
The World Class Club (W) vs Usain Kingston
Oscar Layman as special guest referee


3) Thunder 'retirement' promo. He's interrupted by Jack Phoenix who tries to talk him out of it, says he idolizes Thunder and looks up to him as an inspiration. Thunder attacks Phoenix and leaves him laying ahead of his match vs Washington.

Jack Phoenix vs Nate Washington (W)


4) Graves promo. Include the crowd cheering him and focus on it it's because of his performance against Ano Doom and the fact he wouldn't die- have Graves speak, talk about what he wants, build a rapport with the crowd and ask for a chance.


5) Two of a Kind vs The Knights (W)


6) Sasha Panzer backstage interview. She talks about how she's earned herself a future shot at the PWR Womens Championship. she's the veteran in PWR but everyone else seems to have forgotten that. There's a lt going on surrounding the title right now so she's happy to sit back and let the rest slug it out before she has her shot.
She's interrupted by Lilith. Lilith knows that she was beaten fair and square last week, but she's not going to leave well alone. She's also keeping a close eye on what's going on surrounding the PWR Womens title because she knows that it's only a matter of time until she has her shot. Sasha better watch her back. Lilith then leaves.


7) The Hardcore King (W) vs Shaz (count-out victory)
Carlos Alberto Ramon will be out on commentary and will keep distracting and taunting Shaz. Eventually Shaz will abandon the match to try and beat up CAR only for him to jump the barrier and run away. Shaz gives chase leaving the Hardcore King to win.


8 ) Juno Mercury is out to explain her actions from last week. She left Akira on her own because she knows that the only reason she came back was to get her hands on her title. She's not one to just keel over and let someone waltz back in to just take her title. Juno to trash Akira about running away from her last time she was in PWR and she knows that it's only a matter of time before that happens again.
Akira will come through the crowd to attack Mercury. Stand over her with the title.


9) Mr Torture and The Hardcore King (W) vs Israel Pamich and Hanz Gruber
Gruber will abandon Pamich mid match.

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