Disorder Episode 23

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Disorder Episode 23

Post by THE HEARTBREAK KID on Sat Jan 28, 2017 10:27 am

1) Intro - Commentary welcome the fans to the "go home show" before Depths of Hell. Talk up the highlights of last week's episode before highlighting the "Depths of Hell" match and the people involved. Talk about how dangerous the match is and how big the occasion will be for Pro Wrestling Rebellion to host the second ever match of this kind.

2) Torture Promo - Torture comes out and will react to last week's announcements before talking about the Depths of Hell match and the first ever of it's kind in EWNCW. Torture will speak how he witnessed first hand the damage it did to people's careers, shortening there lives and that's why he has an edge- because he knows what to expect. Torture will say that he's built for matches like this- just like he was built for Elimination Chamber when he became the PWR World Champion. Torture will say that people are expecting him to lose- but so far- he's beaten everyone in front of him and things are not going to change this Sunday at Depths of Hell because he will retain the PWR World Championship.

3) Israel Pamich Promo - Pamich will come out and will respond to Torture's words. Pamich will say that Torture has beaten everyone but him. He will also say that Torture is not the only reigning, defending, champion around PWR and that he's beaten everyone in his path as well. Pamich will say that while he admits Torture has been impressive- there's only been one true break out star in PWR and that's the BreakOut Champion- Israel Pamich! Pamich says that this Sunday- he will truly break out when he becomes the first ever PWR dual champion.

4) Dave Ryan Promo - Ryan will come out and will say how he likes what he see's tonight- It's money to him. The Breakout Champion vs the World Champion! Ryan says however that there's four other men in the Depths of Hell match and it's impossible to call which way it will go. Ryan says that tonight we're going to get a preview for the Depths of Hell match as it will be Torture, Nate Washington and the Hardcore King vs Israel Pamich, Angelo and Hanz Gruber!



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